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Imagine you could buy a “magic gas pump” that would produce gasoline for your car
out of thin air. This device would produce gas for at least 25 years. It would give you AT
LEAST TWICE AS MUCH GAS AT TODAY’S PRICES, THAN IT WOULD COST TO INSTALL. Think you’d be interested in investing in one of these “magic pumps?” Whether you spend five hundred dollars or five hundred thousand dollars for your very own “gas maker” you
would save AT LEAST twice that in gas over the life of your magic pump. Sounds
like the biggest “no brainer” purchase in the history of mankind.

Well this is EXACTLY what renewable energy does! Solar PV (electricity out of thin air)
or Solar Thermal (hot water out of thin air) renewable energy ALWAYS will save you
money AT TODAY’S ENERGY COSTS. That’s the key phase because, as you know,
fossil fuel prices always increase over time and President Obama has stated that electric
bills will “necessarily” skyrocket in the near future.

Let the experts at FUTUREVIEW SOLAR SOLUTIONS show you the wonderful,

cost saving world of solar energy. Our 27-year old history ensures you of the best quality,
lowest prices, and a DOUBLE DIGIT return on your investment...GUARANTEED!

Remember...the cost of sunshine is NOT going up next year...can you say that about
your electric bill?

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“ Money Back if the Sun Runs Out of Fuel”
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